Btrfs troubleshooting and tricks

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Btrfs is a great filesystem and your data is safe with it, however it does come with a few shenanigans and when brought to the limits it may give you some headaches.

This post aims to provide solutions to the most common issues with Btrfs.

At the end you will also find some tricks that exploit btrfs’ great functionality to speed up common tasks.

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Reverse-engineering an AC IR remote protocol

Tags: reverse-engineering infrared espressif

My new house has a Kelon-branded air-conditioning unit. Wouldn’t it be nice to have it set up in openHAB?
I looked it up online and this unheard of brand’s protocol is nowhere to be found. So I had to figure it out myself.

I reverse engineered its protocol and contributed it to

In this post I’d like to document my experience and what I learned from it.

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Installing Arch Linux on WSL, the Arch Way™️

Tags: archlinux wsl windows

My company’s official OS is Windows 10. GNU/Linux is not allowed, not even Ubuntu or Red Hat. PAINFUL.

But lately, not so much, since there is Windows Subsystem for Linux.

Of course, I’m not going to want to use Ubuntu, I want the distribution, Arch Linux.

Read MoreMarch 05, 2020 / 6 minute read

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