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Written on May 18, 2019 / 3 minute read

An update on EtchDroid development status

tl;dr: Project is not dead.

I wanted to write a little post on the status of EtchDroid, my Android app to flash OS images to USB drives from Android.

As you may see from the git history, I haven’t done a lot lately. That’s mainly because I’ve been very busy: I’m still not done with my college degree and I just got a new job.

EtchDroid will continue to exist and I will find some time to work on it this year; hopefully I’ll port it to other platforms too (not iOS).

In fact, I have some improvements I’d like to do:

  • Fix the annoying Android 9 bug (#10)

    Mainly because it’s very annoying, but also because I run Android 9 on my motherfucking phone. I can’t even use my own app!

  • Rewrite internals (#15)

    At my last workplace I learned a lot on how to write better code that is maintainable and portable, which are things that I want in EtchDroid. Part of this is already done in the develop branch.

  • Add support for Windows ISOs (#5)

    Arch Linux is my daily driver but I do need Windows occasionally. WoeUSB is great but my phone is way lighter than my laptop if I need it for someone else.

  • On-the-fly download and flash (#14)

    Possibly with a repository of GNU/Linux distros.

  • Resumable flashes
  • A little redesign

    I have some usability improvents in mind ;)

  • macOS installer support (#6)

    macOS installer is kinda weird, so don’t hold your breath.

No ETAs. I’ll probably be able to get something done in the summer, but I won’t promise. If you would like to help, pull requests are always welcome ;)

Last but not least I would like to thank everyone who contributed.

A bunch of people contributed translations. We now have:

A big thanks to all the people who sent donations on PayPal or became patrons on Patreon:

  • Robbie
  • Murat Deniz
  • Taylen
  • David
  • Praveen
  • Kittipat
  • Mohamad
  • Kurt
  • Mihali
  • Alex
  • Nemanja
  • Vasyl
  • Moritz

See you on GitHub ;)

Written on May 18, 2019

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